Sailing Race 2019

Regatta in French Riviera

June 15th-21th, 2019

We are inviting members and friends of the RIF Club for this exciting summer event – business, regatta. On June 15th, on the French Riviera, starts one of the most significant events in the world of boat racing, The RIF Business Regatta 2019.

This regatta inspires both newcomers and veterans alike, leaving them with bright impressions, real emotions and a fresh business network.


No previous experience needed, skippers will train all team members on how to successfully navigate their vessel.


Owners, chiefs of staff, top management officials, marketing and pr specialists, and members of the press

Events Benefits

Learn how to manage a sail boat and open new horizons.
Experience an afternoon built on enjoyment and leisure, easily forming new long-lasting business relationships.
Taste the finest wines in world renowned French Chateaus.
Participate in evening business seminars, gaining and sharing new firsthand information with other professionals.

The Course

The race begins in the charming bayside town of Bandol and finishes in sunny La Seyne Sur Mer.


Contact us for prices.

Package includes:

  • Shanghai pre-regatta celebration at M1NT
  • Special cabin accommodation
  • Dinner soirees
  • Business seminars
  • Closing awards ceremony and afterparty

Not included: airfare, visa and insurance.


On June 15th, after all participants have been posted on their yachts, skippers will provide details and instructions for the forthcoming race.  The participants will begin by moving to the regatta starting point in the town of Bandol, located on the coast of Provence between Toulon and Marseille.  During this initial passage, participants will stop to enjoy wine and other local Provence specialties.  The first day of the race will be intense and saturated.  The skippers will train everyone involved and after training, there will be an initial mini-race on the famous yacht course of Bandol.  In the evening, racers will attend the opening regatta ceremony and enjoy a concert from special musical guests. After the initial two days, the first stage of the race will be completed and that evening, the winners will rise to the top of the pedestal.

On the morning of June 17th, the fleet will leave the coast and rush to the island of Porkerol.  Later that evening participants will be rewarded with wines and local delicacies at an island chateau.  On June 18th, racers will reach Silver Beach (Plage d’Argent) where after dinner they will face the  challenge of competing in a night race to Saint-Tropez.  It will start with sunset and the entire fleet will navigate under nighttime conditions.  In the morning, the race will conclude on the bay of Saint-Tropez and racers will enjoy a day of relaxation and leisure.  That evening, everyone will join the gala dinner and awards ceremony for the completion of the second stage.  This event will take place in an ancient fortress, The Citadel of Saint Tropez.

After the day of rest, On the morning of June 20th, racers will begin the final and most difficult stage of the regatta, the longest leg of the journey, from Saint-Tropez to Pin-Roland.  That evening, all participants will have the opportunity to compete in an exciting business tournament.  On the last day of the regatta, the first place team will be determined from a distance in the Gulf of Toulon.  We will finish the regatta at the same La Seyne Sur Mer ending location as the famous Tour de France.  There will be a regatta closing ceremony where the winners will be awarded and all participants will receive prizes.  We look forward to you joining us for RIF Business Regatta 2019, welcome aboard!